How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In the expanding world of digital marketing, finding the right agency to help your business thrive is time consuming and costly. By choosing the wrong agency, your business reputation and money can get seriously hurt. That is why we put together 7 simple methods to guide you in your journey of finding the right one!

1. Plan Out a Budget

Knowing your budget is important to assess which agency to choose. Every agency is priced differently. By knowing what your budget is before starting your research, you can indicate which agencies meet your marketing budget budget.

2. Check Out Their Presence Online

A digital marketing agency needs to have a strong online presence. This isn’t to say that they need to be at the top of every list, but by finding one that is decently engaged online, shows that they can do the same for your business. You can assess this by reviewing their social media accounts, website pages, or checking to see if they answer questions on forum sites like Reddit and Quora.

3. Figure Out How You Want Your Work to Be Handled

Do you need to be on top of every marketing project? Do you want an agency to be an extension of your marketing department? Or do you want to fully give an agency the authority to make decisions so you can focus on your business? Knowing which one of these styles you want to work from, will be highly beneficial. Every agency works differently with projects and clients, so by knowing this, you can find one that fits your working style.

4. Assess How and How Often You Want to Communicate

Some business owners prefer to have an in-person meeting, others over the phone, by email, or by video chat. Knowing what medium, or combination of them, is helpful to know. Most agencies do one of many, but some prefer other forms of communication. Another thing to factor in is how often you want to be communicated with. Some businesses prefer once a month, while others prefer weekly updates. Know which times you want to be communicated is helpful in sorting out agencies.

5. See if the Agency is Knowledgeable in Your Industry

Most of the time this isn’t an issue, as most agencies can handle multiple types of industries. However, if you come across one that doesn’t have any basic knowledge on what your industry is, it can be hard for their campaigns and designs to be relevant. In return, any writing that is used in advertisements or promotions might not relate to your target audience. This will cost you a lot more in the end, so look out for an agency that knows what your industry is about.

6. Check the Reviews

Back many years ago, it was difficult to see if an agency was reputable and if they serviced their clientele with good standing. Now, there are hundreds of websites that past and current clients can rate their experiences. Reviews are an excellent resource to see how agencies are managing their clients and also if they are meeting their goals. Some of the best websites to see reputable reviews are DesignRush, Google, Clutch, and the Better Business Bureau. By taking a quick glance at good reviews and bad reviews, you can see which agency will best meet your business needs.

7. Use an Agency Database Directory

There are many great websites that organize lists and rates agencies from all over the world. Many organize them based off services, industries they serve, and by their location. A great website that does much of this and even more is DesignRush. Their database carries thousands of agencies ranging from specific services, locations, and their ratings. Plus, their website is easy to use, and very user friendly. By using a database tool, you can quickly search for the right agency, based on many of your personal requirements in one place. Plus, it will save you time and money instead of researching manually through multiple sources.

Using the right methods to find a good digital marketing agency is a way to save time and money. By choosing the right one, your business can thrive and grow faster online. Choose one that meets your business needs and one that feels right for your business.

The Bild Team

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